Austin couture king Bennett seizes F1 stage to release new men’s collection

Fashion designer Ross Bennett, above at the Circuit of the Americas, is holding an official launch party for his new men’s line Saturday at Austin’s Brass House (8:30 p.m). As the official designer for COTA’s Grid Girls and an integral part of bringing the F1 experience to Austin last year. Bennett is hoping to draw a sophisticated and fashion savvy crowd to enjoy a night of exclusive shopping deals, signature cocktails and jazz.

Formula 1’s debut at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas in 2012 was by most accounts impressive, pleasing both longtime fans and the upscale and chic crowds from across the country and beyond that converged on the city for a weekend of fast cars, lavish parties and exclusive events.

Austin’s burgeoning couture king Ross Bennett was right at the center of that electric storm as the head designer for the 2012-2013 United States Formula 1 Grid Girls, and while his subtly sexy and uniquely Texas designs drew praise at the track and around town – Bennett thought an event of that scale deserved more than just a tiny peak at his considerable talent.


COTA’s Grid Girls sporting Bennett’s designs.

“Designing for COTA was an honor and a unique experience that I will always cherish. I’m very proud of the look we achieved with the Grid Girls,” Bennett said. “Still, when you have a stage of that size with so many people who live for and enjoy fashion as part of the audience – you want to be able to quench their thirst for design, not just give them a sip.”

With that in mind Bennett believes this weekend’s return of the United States Grand Prix to Austin is the perfect venue to unveil his signature line’s new haberdashery collection.

“We will be introducing our new line of cufflinks, bow ties, ties, gentlemen’s grooming and dressing accessories, everything a true gentleman needs in his closet,” said Bennett, who will host the RB Haberdashery Release Party and Formula 1 Celebration Saturday. “Attendees can enjoy an RBC Bowtie Martini or a Grand Prix Marnier cocktail and stick around for the sexy, sultry tunes of Kevin Ahart!”

Bennett will also be unveiling for the first time a limited edition capsule collection designed for Estilo Austin, and available exclusively in the much-esteemed boutique.

“This is a collection you’re not going to want to miss!” Bennett added.

The event begins at 8:30 p.m. at the Brass House, 115 San Jacinto Boulevard. Bennett chose the venue, the recent culmination of a shared dream of veterans and Bronze Star recipients Jason White and Gene Todorov while on duty in Afghanistan, because of its urbane and relaxed atmosphere.

“It’s an absolutely a gorgeous venue and the perfect backdrop for my work – sexy, classy and sophisticated,” Bennett said.

As a bonus the first 25 people to arrive at the event – sure to be one of the hottest in town during USGP Weekend due to Bennett’s fashion and COTA connections – will receive an online code for 25 percent off their first complete order from the men’s collection.


About The Ross Bennett Collection

The Ross Bennett Collection was founded in 2008 by Ross and his wife, Erin Bennett. The Ross Bennett collection is a labor of love with one main goal in mind: to bring classic, custom tailoring back to modern, everyday life by launching a custom clothing line.

His clothes have been featured in fashion shows across the country, including an eight-week installment at the State Fair of Texas; as well as an appearance on NBC’s ‘Fashion Star’ and now in a partnership with ‘Circuit of The Americas’. As the business grows, Ross is adamant about providing a personalized experience for each and every client. He believes clothing should be recognized like a piece of art, with each piece having its own story to tell. Learn more at

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